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Wed 01 April

No Paraderan

Halles de Schaerbeek
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No Paraderan


Marco Berrettini is a unique choreographer and satirist. In No Paraderan, he invites you to a gala night. Two female solos: one distilling classic variations, the other one leaves ballet behind and prefers music-hall. The two are connected though, respond to each other. Eroticise each other. 

But we are in the wings. We won’t see any of the gala. From behind the curtain, we will see heads here and there, arms too, the bodies of men in black suits claiming ‘Champagne is my uniform’. Who are these people, dressed so smartly, who speak like that ? Anonymous stars, reality tv celebrities, musical extras ? The performers excel at critical extravaganza. They play height eccentric characters, capable of the best or the worse. They invent and improvise, dare and perform. 

No Paraderan is a piece on desire and frustration. It is a gallery of portraits where scenes and cult characters are immersed in most ferocious banality. It is a vertiginous mise en abyme of the spectacle. 

Fifteen years after a scandalous premiere, it’s time to dust our evening clothes. 

J > 15 : 14 / 9 €
J< 15 : 18 / 12 €

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Halles de Schaerbeek

Rue Royale Sainte-Marie
1030 Schaerbeek

T. +32 2 218 21 07 (Information)

T. +32 2 218 21 07 (Booking)


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Wednesday, April 1, 2020 from 8:00 PM


Halles de Schaerbeek

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