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Fri 17 July — Sat 29 August

Horst 'Almost Together'

Horst Arts & Music
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Horst 'Almost Together'


This summer Horst builds places for communion. Our home Asiat will transform to a space for exchange, dialogue and celebration. Our activities will crystallize in various venues, each with their own distinct character, program and feel: Sleeping Concerts & a Restaurant Club.

Horst announces alternative summer program, titled 'Almost together'.

A summer of gatherings, warming up to human union
July 17 - August 30, at Asiat, Vilvoorde - Brussels.

The 2019 edition was met with raving reviews as the festival moved to a new location: the ASIAT site in Vilvoorde, a former military site with two iconic cooling towers as a backdrop.

2020 marked even greater ambitions. But who could have expected the outcome of these first six months? The world has been turned upside down, inside out. Our planet, our society, and humankind at large is being challenged in unforeseeable ways. The ‘normal’ has disappeared, but it wasn’t normal to begin with. More than ever, the pandemic has unearthed continuous injustices and power discrepancies that need to be abolished. Horst wants to forget the “new normal” of detachment, suspicion and apathy towards one another. It wants to take up the pieces of this shattered reality and work on our empathy, our engagement and allyship with one another. It is time to heal.

Today it’s still not certain if Horst Arts & Music Festival can take place or in what form. We’re keeping as many options open to organize something within the given framework, which is deemed responsible and safe. Due to the current circumstances, we’ve adapted Horst’s summer program: The Labs will be moved to August 1 - 9. The Exhibition will be replaced by the alternative summer program 'Almost together'.

This summer Horst builds places for communion. Our home Asiat will transform to a space for exchange, dialogue and celebration. In view of the years to come, we will set camp at Asiat to delve deeper into what is locally at stake, and connect this to global concerns that are close to our hearts. Our activities will cristallise in various venues, each with their own distinct character, programme and feel. The first venue sees its announcement today, more will follow over the course of the summer. Program will be announced early July

Restaurant Club
Weekly on Friday and Saturday (starting July 17)

The open-roof warehouse, one of Asiat's many venues, transforms to a multidisciplinary art space where one can turn to in need for joy and celebration. An abundant indoor pond and garden will incorporate a flexible and modular stage, allowing for a variety of both performances and DJ-sets every evening. The connection with the audience is key: you will be left in the hands of charismatic masters of ceremony, magicians to your evening who will infuse your dinner with friends into a playful and interactive evening. Food is cooked by the talented and local BarBoufz (former Bar Bik, Kruitfabriek, Restaurant Recyclart).

Sleeping Concerts
On Thursday July 30 and August 13

Secondly, this space also functions as the backdrop for sleeping concerts on July 30 and August 13. Artists will be invited for tranquil and dreamy soundscapes field recordings, ambient dj-sets and listening sessions. The audience spends the night together, under the care of the musician, and will be offered a communal breakfast in the morning.

Horst Arts & Music

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Friday, July 17, 2020 — Saturday, August 29, 2020


Horst Arts & Music

Willem Elsschotstraat, 15
1800 Vilvoorde


Date and time

Fri 17 July — Sat 29 August


Horst Arts & Music

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