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United Comics of Belgium

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United Comics of Belgium


The Comics Art Museum wishes to highlight the effervescence of the contemporary Belgian comic strip art. It has therefore entrusted the ABDIL (comic strip and illustration authors) and the AKA (Belgian association of comic strip authors) with the task of designing a "carte blanche" representative of Belgian comics in 2020 in all their diversity.

United Comics of Belgium presents the work of 27 Belgian comic artists from different generations, genres and communities. They were selected by 9 curators who are also authors. Each artist is exhibiting a project in progress or published during the year, whether it be original plates, digital works, installations, sculptures, and so on. As a mirror of Belgian creation in 2020, the exhibition is intended to be a "snapshot of creation" that is bubbling, diverse and multiple, contradictory, chaotic, innovative, promising, provocative, creative, artistic, rich, diversified and striking!

This experience aims to encourage constructive exchanges between the artists and between the works. It also aims to arouse the curiosity of visitors and encourage them to question current comic book creation.

Curators: Johan De Moor, Olivier Grenson, Marc Hardy, Exaheva, Noémie Marsily, Mobidic, Séraphine, Judith Vanistendael and Jana Vasiljevic.

Authors-curators: J. De Moor, O. Grenson, M. Hardy, Exaheva, N. Marsily, Mobidic, Séraphine, J. Vanistendael et J. Vasiljevic. Invited authors: Marec, K. Duchateau, JC Lacroix, Ephameron, M. Vangheluwe, A. William Levaux, Hermann, B. Feroumont, Ptiluc, L. Bischoff, Chariospirale, T. Desmet, W. Vercnocke, R. Renard, V. Gallardo, E. Shanta, J. Parrondo et M. de Radiguès.

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Friday, April 2, 2021 — Sunday, September 12, 2021


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The Belgian Comic Strip Center

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