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Aimé Mpane

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
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Aimé Mpane  Aimé-MPANE, Biface La demoiselle Picasso Mputu [2017] © Courtesy of the Artist


Born in Kinshasa, Congo, in1968, Aimé Mpane graduated in sculpture and painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa and from La Cambre Art School, Brussels. He lives between Belgium, where he teaches at bath Art Schools of Braine L'Alleud and La Cambre, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa: he travels from the heart of Europe to the heart of Africa, and sees the plane that takes him on those journeys as his studio, some sort of hyphen between the here andthere.

His artistic scope is clearly "in transit", moving, offset- it translates inmemories that don't belong to anyone, or anything. lt refers to the necessity of making links and bridges, to transfers, and to the search for complementarity,between black and white, between Africa and Europe, between traditional and contemporary culture. Mpane's art is mainly about heritage and about the traces of colonialism in Africa, but not in a self-pitying way. lt calls for solidarity between humans and the [historical) collective consciousness. His work is about human dignity, hope, courage, empathy and perseverance.

The artist experiments with painting and mixed techniques, developing original processes, mixing traditional and contemporary know-hows: he mixes painting, sculpture and installations.His work is a combination of the rawness of the said "primai" arts with a political stance that fiercely calls out the shadows and lights that make the human condition. Beyond the concept of wound and healing, Mpane focuses on the collective consciousness and challenges stereotypes.

Next to the important body of works that the artist will show, he has also been invited by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium to create a work that will resonate with the permanent collections, to further integrate said collections. This project aims at helping the Museums to become a space of [self) reflection and questioning, taking into consideration the many social, political andpersona! disputes and daims that are shaping the contemporary society.

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