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Savoir Faire

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Savoir Faire


The Savoir Faire exhibition focuses on the gesture, both in how it has been disposed of in current production methods, and in its emancipating singularity.

The works of the eight associated artists affirm a fundamental but compromised conception: the exercise of the craft is above all the implementation of an intelligence that is both practical and creative, resisting the formatting imposed by standardised organisational systems.

Olivia Hernaïz parodies the way in which bodies are constrained, subjugated and commoditised by capitalist production. Hughes Dubuisson, Camille Dufour and Alice Pilastre engage their own mastery of traditional processes (coin casting, wood engraving, weaving). Barbara Geraci and Pauline Pastry investigate the legacy of lost dexterity and the emergence of new knowledge in industrial work. Eric Van Hove leverages the know-how of Moroccan craftsmen in the experimentation of a project linked to the colonial past, and makes the connection between the exploitation of natural resources and that of manpower. Hélène Moreau hybridises modern aesthetics and attention to crafts in the arrangement of precious volumes mixing prints, impressions, metal and wood cuttings.

Work, craftsmanship, physicality, the movements of thought and bodies at work, are all ways in which the gesture exists, the fruit of knowledge (savoir) and of doing (faire), of which it is both the ferment and the horizon.

A programme of meetings and podcasts extends several of the issues raised in the exhibition. These include changes in working conditions and their impact on people, the gesture as the very foundation of our humanity, the reappropriation of production methods, and the questioning of the ancestral distinction between art and craft.

Hughes Dubuisson, Camille Dufour, Barbara Geraci, Olivia Hernaïz, Hélène Moreau, Pauline Pastry, Alice Pilastre, Eric Van Hove

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Friday, October 15, 2021 — Saturday, December 11, 2021


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