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An exceptional monument: the Halle Gate

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Halle Gate – RMAH
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Un exceptionnel monument : la Porte de Hal Porte de Hal


The Halle Gate is a fairy-tale monument of more than 600 years old. It is the last vestige of the second stage of fortifications that used to surround Brussels. Once a gate, later remodelled to resemble a medieval castle, today a museum! Step inside and (re)discover a stunning collection of artworks that, together with the building itself, tells the story of Brussels - ancient city at the crossroads of Europe. At the top of the Gate, the walkway along the crenelated parapet offers a spectacular panorama of the city. Looking closely, you might just spot the traces of where the city merged and expanded into the surrounding countryside. Read on to find out more about some exceptional museum pieces.

The so-called cradle of Emperor Charles V

Contrary to popular belief, this beautifully decorated cradle was not intended for the future Emperor Charles V. On the sides, you can see the initials of Charles’ grandparents Mary of Burgundy and Maximilian I of Austria. This leads us to believe that the cradle was actually intended for Philip the Fair, their son and Charles V’s father.

Fountain cover plates with the emblem of Emperor Charles V

These two bas-reliefs were once part of the public fountain on rue Haute, just outside the Halle Gate. Both are decorated with the emblem of Emperor Charles V, two columns amid the waves, and his personal motto Plus Oultre (“Further Beyond”). The purpose of the plates before they were pierced and used as fountain covers, is still unknown. It is tempting, however, to imagine them once being a part of the palace on the Coudenberg where Charles V lived…

Necklace of the Nivelles arquebusier guild

An arquebusier shoots an arquebus, derived from the Dutch word haakbus, or “hook gun”. The arquebusier who managed to shoot down a wooden representation of a bird at the annual marksmen’s festival was crowned king of the marksmen (guild) for one year and awarded the necklace. This Gothic-style example is made from gilded silver and dates from around 1525. It is said that Charles V himself donated this piece to the Nivelles guild of arquebusiers.

Panorama & VR view of Bruegel’s Brussels

The walkway at the top of the monument offers a stunning 360° view of modern Brussels. Through the VR binoculars you can also experience what the city and its surrounding countryside looked like in the 16th century, when painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder lived here. At the time, Brussels was a typical medieval city along the river Senne, with its narrow streets and numerous churches, as well as a Galgenberg, “gallows hill”, and impressive fortifications. The virtual panorama was meticulously designed using historical maps, cadastral plans, old engravings and drawings.

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Halle Gate – RMAH

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Halle Gate – RMAH

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