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Vivz s'il vous plaît ! Levn alstublieft !

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Vivz s'il vous plaît ! Levn alstublieft !


Urban art on facades, paint on monuments or art actions have appeared in recent years as an expression of social protest in European cities.
In Berlin, urban art has developed increasingly since the fall of the Wall, favoured by the specificity of Berlin with its open spaces between the East and West parts, between houses and the cheap rents: Berlin offered artists and activists free space to develop artistically and politically, largely without economic constraints.
The Reclaim Your City Collective has been documenting the steadily growing urban art scene since the 2000s, and presents their photo archive and collected artworks in the exhibition VIVZ S´IL VOUS PLAÎT! LEVN ALSTUBLIEFT!
In recent years, however, it has become apparent that gentrification processes are taking place affecting mostly socially disadvantaged people in multicultural neighbourhoods. These developments intensify social problems in urban society. Discrimination and socio-spatial exclusion generate social tensions and conflicts.
Artists and activists protest with art and other interventions in public against discrimination, inequalities and processes of gentrification. They criticise the conditions in the city and create alternative visions of social coexistence.
Recently, many protests concerning the colonial history of Berlin are gaining strength, questioning public monuments of the colonial era and thus decolonizing the city. The exhibition VIVZ S´IL VOUS PLAÎT! LEVN ALSTUBLIEFT! in LaVallee shows photographs and artworks from the social protests in Berlin for a right to the city and for decolonisation.

The Reclaim Your City Collective Various & Gould Goethe Institut Brussel

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Friday, June 24, 2022 — Sunday, July 10, 2022


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