An endless Indian summer of culture

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Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery - Exhibition view - Papunya Tula artists
Published at 19/10/2021
By Carmen

We just can’t get enough of that holiday feeling… There’s nothing easier than reliving your favourite trip in the Belgian capital. The Matongé African district, the Asian commercial district around La Bourse, the Portuguese eateries of the Forest, Saint-Gilles, and Ixelles triangle… the atmosphere immediately catapults you to another world. Exotic cultural centres and associations have set up shop in Brussels. Fancy taking a salsa dance class or Romanian course? Or maybe Hungarian jazz or Aboriginal art? In Brussels, you'll find it all in no time!


Before Time Began - Art & History Museum

The fascinating art of Australian Aboriginal painting is gaining importance in the art world. The modern descendants of the world’s oldest continuous culture (65,000 years!) began to use modern means such as acrylic paint and canvas in the middle of the last century – in the midst of the struggle for recognition of their identity. A way for the rest of the world to hear them.

This autumn, visit theBefore Time Began’ exhibition at the venerable Art & History Museum. You can admire the traditional dot technique on tree bark, but also works from the Western Desert painting movement from the 1970s and more recently, monumental installations by contemporary artists. Whether traditional or contemporary, the references to the wondrous mythical Dreamtime and the creation of the earth are never far away.

Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery - Exhibition view - APY group

In the Australian outback, the ties to the nomadic tribes of the past remain strong. This is what fascinates Bertrand Estrangin, director of the Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery. Every year, he personally selects the works in the most remote areas. The gallery represents over a hundred established and emerging Aboriginal artists in ethical partnerships. You can travel to the centre of Central Australia in Caress the Earth – Manta Ngura Atuntju Kanyini. Thirty artists from the artistic community of Ernabella present their paintings and ceramics, which bear witness to a deep connection with the earth and nature.


Fondation Boghossian - Villa Rmpain

The beautiful Villa Empain, home of the Boghossian Foundation, boasts a rich programme of events. Artists from East and West build bridges for cultural and artistic dialogue. The new exhibition How will it end? gives a voice to Lebanese artists in early December. They look back at the economic and social crisis the country is going through, and the consequences of the explosion in the port of Beirut that destroyed large parts of the city. Their vision of the future is a cross between despair and gentleness, exile and a new anchorage.

Neil Nenner & Avihai Mizrahi, Cover #1 – #6, 2017 © Isabelle Arthuis

The Jewish Museum of Belgium is a dynamic cultural and artistic venue which offers an innovative view of Jewish history and culture. It regularly hosts exciting temporary exhibitions and also organises lectures, concerts, workshops and literary evenings. Works on Paper. Galila's Collection takes you deep into the wonderful world of the passionate art collector Galila Hollander-BarzilaïAnish Kapoor, Yazid Oulab, Angela Glajcar, Andrea Wolfensberger and many others transform everyday paper into powerful collages, sculptures, installations and jewellery.


Festival des Libertés - Chilly Gonzales, © 2020 ANKA

Autumn is the regular date for the festive and subversive Festival des libertés at the Théâtre National. Resistance fighters, defenders of human rights of all countries: unite! Documentaries, debates, performances, exhibitions, and concerts traditionally focus on democratic rights and freedoms in the world. This year, the focus will be on the consequences of the health crisis. Is the tightening of control and surveillance mechanisms threatening our freedoms?

Bruxelles - Africapitales #3

With artistic programming that intersects dance, circus, and performing arts, Les Halles reflects the hyper-diversity of Brussels. For Bruxelles / Africapitales #3, Afro-Brussels partners determined a large part of the programme. Brussels is a breeding ground of multicultural creativity, flowing together from different continents. How do you make a world together? Debates, dialogues, and artistic interventions explore the feeling of ‘us’ and try to find an answer to it.


Le cours de Cha-no-yu - la cérémonie du thé SAIAN Yurucha

Are you enchanted by the graceful movements with which a traditional tea ceremony is performed in Japan? Now you can learn how to do it yourself in Brussels. Ansyu SAIAN organises several sessions and courses that teach you the different ways to drink and serve a cup of Matcha. Not only the actions are important but also the state of mind, the aesthetics, and the courtesy with which you perform them. Taste, appreciate, enjoy, and feel the time. Because every moment is unique.

Concert de Cimbalom par Erzsébet Gódor

The Liszt Institute pays tribute to Hungary’s thousand-year history. The dynamic programming is firmly anchored in a rich past, but at the same time resolutely contemporary. Artists denounce the causes of the global environmental crisis in ‘La vie lente. Pratiques radicales du quotidien’, jazz musicians from the Hongro-Belge Jazz Club with Gábor Ladányi share the billing with the music of the 19th century virtuoso pianist who lent his name to the institute (Gergely Kovács), and the Transpoesie Festival, which explores the poetic power of words in all languages, has a permanent home there.

ARTHIS, the Belgian-Romanian Cultural House, not only brings the public’s attention to the rich culture of the Romanian diaspora. The successive waves of immigration from the East also brought the cultural diversity of Moldovans, Ukrainians, Roma, Bulgarians, Serbs, and Albanians with them. Head there regularly for concerts, exhibitions, folk dancing, and Romanian language courses. The different levels are taught using innovative teaching methods with maximum interaction.

Looking for a course in salsa, bachata, kizomba, paso doble, or tango? Then check out Salsa Brussels,, or the Latin American House. Soon, you’ll be able to shine proudly on all the Latin dance floors in Brussels!

There’s also much more than just dance to experience at the Latin American House. Theatre improvisation, Spanish and Portuguese lessons, workshops for children, film showings, concerts, debates, and exhibitions present the wonderful diversity of the Latin American continent. In November, attend the ninth edition of the Peliculatina Festival at Cinema Vendôme, Bozar, Palace, and Kinograph. The selection committee puts together series of films from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, among others.

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