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Pueblo , © Céline Chariot © Céline Chariot - Théâtre National
Published at 13/09/2021
By Michaël Bellon

A sigh of relief can be heard from every Brussels theatre, together with a cry of joy that reaches all the way to the roof. Theatre is allowed again! Audiences are welcome! The performances can go ahead, and creations that were postponed will finally see the spotlight they so deserve! Seven major houses of the performing arts unveil the new season.

Halles de Schaerbeek

Y aller voir de plus près - Maguy Marin

“We are presenting fifty creations, accounting for no less than 110 separate performances this season”, says Christophe Galent from the Halles de Schaerbeek. “This intense season will be an exercise in freedom. Firstly, the freedom to come together again without health measures. Secondly, the freedom to explore the boundaries of various disciplines - that’s why we have these creations that cannot be pigeonholed. Thirdly, freedom from reputations - we have familiar and unfamiliar names. And last but not least, the freedom to reach new audiences - why we are breaking down barriers with Bruxelles Africapitales, Itak, and Microdanses. In the Halles de Schaerbeek, things are different. Maguy Marin is not always a choreographer, an animal entering the stage is not always a circus animal, and a dancer might not event lift a leg. Freedom is a delicate exercise that, once again, calls for accountability, even without prior knowledge. As such, challenging our ideas about performances and representation is the ace up the sleeve of our first production of the season: Laboratoire Poison by Adeline Rosenstein.

discover the complete program of Les Halles on agenda


Bully - Because you loved loathing yourself & Le Vide

“… we are starting with two extraordinary creations full of poetry, energy and engagement.”

Michael De Cock

“Finally”, exclaims KVS director Michael De Cock. “Back to the stage again. Back to KVS again. What makes it all the more special is the fact we are starting with two extraordinary creations full of poetry, energy and engagement.” De Cock is referring to Who’s Tupac? and Mawda, dat betekent tederheid (Mawda, meaning tenderness). In Who’s Tupac?, Jr.cE.sA.r - the in-house theatre company - gets down to business with the cultural legacy left by Tupac Amaru Shakur, in a piece that’s part hip-hop concert and part theatre show. Mawda, dat betekent tederheid, is a creation by Marie-Aurore D’Awans, Pauline Beugnies and Kristin Rogghe. They want to tell the real story of Mawda, the little girl shot dead by a Belgian police officer. “That is also the purpose of theatre: asking crucial questions, speaking the unmentionable out loud.” Whatever words cannot convey finds its way through KVS by way of song and dance. “We have contemporary opera by Sanja Mitrovic, with four magnificent women in Demeter Calling, the dance performances of Aro Ilè by Awoulath Alougbin and BULLY by Tomas Ntamashimikiro.”

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Selina Thompson salt.

“The Beursschouwburg will continue to work with focused programmes”, artistic director Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie ensures us. “It is where we concentrate on a topic or programme line for around two to three months. In the autumn of 2021, we will continue with ‘Are we there yet?’. This theme evolves around endurance and perseverance, but also around playing with time. We tackle topics such as feminism, racism, homophobia, and we ask ourselves if we are where we need to be on these issues. We dig into the past to develop strategies that can help us to move forward.” Like in the performance salt by Brit Selena Thompson. She uses the abhorrent history of the transatlantic slave trade as a backdrop to examine her own roots and the influence of this history on her life. In the performance The Power of the Fragile, Mohamed Toukabri looks at the decisive influences in a mother-child relationship.

The opening weekend traditionally coincides with Car-free Sunday and is packed with events. The Beurscafé becomes The City Hub, with performances by local artists, slam poetry, open mic evenings, and debates. The programmes for concerts (Stuff!), exhibitions (Sina Hensel!), and films (Prism!) are also crammed with fascinating projects.

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Théâtre National

Extreme Malecane © Joan Calvet

"… the Covid Safe app means you will be able to attend our performances in conditions that will hopefully allow us to fully reconnect with cultural life. …”

Pierre Thys

The new season of Théâtre National Wallonie Bruxelles is punctuated by the departure of Fabrice Murgia and the arrival of Pierre Thys as director, but nevertheless promises to be rich and full. "From 5 October, the Covid Safe app means you will be able to attend our performances in conditions that will hopefully allow us to fully reconnect with cultural life. Some highlights we recommend include the performances that were supposed to take place last season but are yet to see the spotlight. For instance, La Bombe Humaine is about our current geological era, the Anthropocene, and Extreme Malecane tackles the rise of the extreme right, especially among young people, while Home shines a light on the theme of old age, and Skrik touches on the delicate theme of incest.

Of course, the festivals will also take centre stage on our programme, with Festival des Libertés, XS Festival and the brand-new festival Tak Tik that showcases twelve to seventeen-year-olds.”

discover the complete program of Théâtre National on agenda

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