Brussels: Summer street art in the city

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Jadranka Lacković, No Borders (c) Jean Paul Remy

New murals, urban routes and guided tours, unmissable exhibitions, specialised galleries... summer is in the streets in Brussels. What's more, Banksy, the undisputed king of street art, has two new exhibitions in the capital. And if that's not enough, Brussels' urban art is asserting itself throughout the city: graffiti, tags, murals... here's our selection of the best places to see it, whether in museums, galleries or out in the open air.

I The summer’s must-see exhibitions

Urban art might come from the streets, but it occupies a special place in Brussels’ museums and galleries, which represent a new playground for this pillar of urban culture. This summer, Brussels is hosting international names like Banksy and New York artist JonOne and highlighting the talent of its local graffiti artists (Crayons, Hell’O collective and Pablo Dalas).

brussels bruxelles street art banksy - Banksy. The Brussels Show Banksy - Pulp-Fiction, Signed Screenprint

Banksy Genius or Vandal

Have you been longing for an immersive and interactive exhibition dedicated to street art masters? Well, you're in luck. Banksy: Genius or Vandal?, a virtual reality exhibition, is coming to Brussels to highlight the most sulphurous street artist of our time. Dive into 80 (certified and authentic) works by the British artist, contextualised and documented by an impressive multimedia installation. This is an exhibition for the general public that can also be discovered with the family!

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Banksy. The Brussels Show at the Deodato Gallery

Here's some news that will have art lovers in a tizzy! Within its brick walls, the Deodato Gallery offers an explosion of colours and navigates, with style, between Pop and Street Art. In its first exhibition, it is tackling the giant of street art, Banksy, with a monographic exhibition composed of a few rare pieces. Bold, sometimes provocative, often ironic, these artworks will shatter your assumptions of contemporary art!

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Créons exhibition at SEE U

Who hasn't seen the lovable pencils of Brussels collective Créons on the walls of the capital? Now you can find them at See-U, in the very graphic L'autre Part exhibition. Little illustrated grottoes to be discovered by torch, original drawings and other immersive installations take you right into the heart of these Brussels artists' unbridled imagination.

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JonOne, The Time Keeper at the Martine Ehmer Gallery

Born in Harlem, New York, JonOne moves somewhere between abstraction and raw expressionism. The Martine Ehmer Gallery is devoting a solo show to him until July. His works are as colourful as they are spontaneous and his use of splashes, sprays and graphic bursts allows the paint to speak for itself.

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the street-art program of the moment

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II. Wet paint: new murals in Brussels

From comic book murals in the city centre to little graffiti treasures in the backstreets of its neighbourhoods, there are countless surprises to be found on Brussels' walls. Fancy a little urban trek in search of the new murals that are bringing the capital's facades to life? Here's an overview of the newest ones, which you can see during free strolls through the city that are likely to set your Instagram feed alight.

Women Bike The City

Anthea Missy, Women Bike The City (c) Jean Paul Remy

Pedalling towards new horizons, with the wind in your hair... That's what Brussels street artist Anthea Missy wanted to evoke with her brand-new mural. Produced as part of Women Bike The City, a route that encourages women to get on their bikes, this engaged piece, with its pop colours and spontaneous lines, is a clear invitation to take part in the movement.

Where? 1 Avenue Richard Neybergh, 1020 Brussels (Laeken)

Ground Up Mural

Alvari, Koor Koor et MINO, Fresque Ground Up (c) Jean Paul Remy

It took the talent of three artists to adorn the 102 metres of the modernist IT Tower. In collaboration with AG Real Estate, three Brussels artists (Alvari, Koor Koor and MINO) have created a strong, abstract visual. They have successfully combined their artistic styles, with organic curves, futuristic lines and dynamic movements.  

Where? IT Tower, 480 Avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

No Borders

Street art brussels - Jadranka Lacković, No Borders (c) Jean Paul Remy

Balkan Trafik isn't just a festival, it also adds colour to the city every year by creating a monumental mural. In 2021, Croatian artist Jadranka Lacković, aka OjoMAGico, painted a school of giant fish on the walls of the Quai à la Houille. It's a vibrant tribute to the old fish market that stood there until the beginning of the 20th century

Where? 7 Quai à la Houille, 1000 Brussels

A tribute to Belgian sportswomen

Collectif H.M.I, Laeti, DEMA One, Hommage aux sportives belges (c) Jean Paul Remy

The legendary CNN 199 crew, a pioneering Belgian street art collective, has struck again. This time the artists have added some colour to the walls of the Ixelles sports centre, portraying several Belgian sportswomen such as Kim Clijsters, Ingrid Berghmans and Amal Amjahid. The mural is a tribute to women's sports and its athletes and features the work of several of the collective's graffiti artists, such as H.M.I, Laeti's signature glow and the calligraphy of DEMA One.

Where? Stade Albert Demuyter, 1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Les Danseuses de Bruxelles

Soaz, les danseuses de Bruxelles (c) Jean Paul Remy

Created by young Brussels artist Soaz, this is one of four monumental murals celebrating 100 years since the merger of the four communes of Laeken, the City of Brussels, Neder-Over-Heembeek and Haren. Combining the symbols of the four former communes (the Japanese tower of Laeken and the Romanesque tower of Neder-Over-Heembeek, for example), this poetic landscape invites you to wander, with the canal and good humour as the common threads.

Where? 86 Quai des Armateurs, 1000 Brussels

III. Street art guided tours

Are you passionate about street art? In Brussels, several colourful locations recount the history, techniques and evolution of this artistic movement. From the mythical De Wand (Jette) - a Mecca of urban art in the 1980s - to the Marolles or Canal districts, what better way to discover the history and talents of Brussels' scene than on a guided tour?

The street-art guided tours

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