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Street art in Brussels: a new fresco rue Royale

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Dema One, Diversity is power © Jean-Paul_Remy

"Strength in numbers - Est Unitatis fortitudinem", a strong message that is written in colour on the wall of the Palais des Beaux-arts (on the Rue Royale side). Visible since 21 July, this fresco was created as part of the "Art Reconnects Belgium" project, which aims to "strengthen ties with others and with the city" in this particular period of pandemic. The artist chosen to represent Brussels is the graffiti artist Dema One. A member of the Brussels musical and artistic collective CNN199, Dema One, internationally renowned, is the precursor of calligrafitti in Belgium. A subtle and original mix between beautiful handwriting, calligraphy and the art of graffiti. Thanks to its recognizable and outstanding feature, Dema One has been working for more than 30 years inside and outside our borders. He is accompanied by young people from Molenbeek, budding artists or simply passionate people, that he created this fresco called DIVERSITY IS POWER. went to meet him between two brush strokes.

Dema One fresque rue Royale Bruxelles street art - Dema One, Diversity is power © Jean-Paul Remy

How do you feel about having been chosen among the 4 Belgian artists to represent Brussels?

Dema One : For me, it's really a great recognition for my work and more generally a recognition for the work of graffiti artists and street-artists. It is important that the graffiti movement is no longer considered marginal or non-artistic.

Precisely, do you see an evolution in the mentalities with regard to the art of graffiti?

D.O : Yes, thoughts do change though, because I see more and more orders for walls to be graffitied on from official bodies for example. This art is starting to become part of everyday life, it is no longer only seen on the walls. It is also present in advertisements, in art galleries...

Dema One fresque rue Royale Bruxelles street art - Dema One, Diversity is power © Jean-Paul Remy

Was it important to speak of union and diversity through this mural in these times of crisis?

D.O : Clearly. It is a true message of inclusion, love and respect. We wanted to give it the name "Diversity is power" because Brussels has a large number of different nationalities and cultures. It was important for the young people who participated in this achievement, and for me to highlight this diversity as a richness and strength in our society.


Fouad Hachmi et Aze fresque Ennio Morricone Bruxelles street art - Fouad Hachmi et Aze fresque Ennio Morricone (c) Najat Mimouni

Some new murals not to be missed...


Those who love movies, and more precisely western movies, will have a nostalgic twinge in their heart as they admire the fresco in homage to the composer Ennio Morricone, accompanied by his orchestra and the hotheads: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A breathtaking drawing by the Brussels artist HMI, Fouad Hachmi, member of the CNN199 collective, painter, graffiti artist and talented portraitist for more than 25 years. In this production, he is accompanied by Aze, Djamel Oulkadi of his real name, whose art is more than original as he mixes abstract graphic work marked by Arabic calligraphy and psychedelic geometric motifs.

Rue de Zaventem, 1140 Evere (just in front of the bus terminal 66)


Shiro La Belle Hip Hop street art Bruxelles - Shiro (c) Parcours street art

This work is the work of a talented Japanese artist who travels around the world with her art, Shiro. Produced in the framework of the International Women's Rights Day and the Brussels festival "La Belle Hip-hop", this fresco addresses the theme of respect and diversity of women.

Avenue de l'Héliport, 48-50 in 1000 Brussels (School Klavertje 4)