2021 exhibitions, according to your astrological element

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Published at 27/01/2021
By Carmen

2021 brings with it good intentions, wild plans, and.... the annual horoscopes! On the cultural front, Brussels is once again fortunate enough to be hosting a wide range of surprising exhibitions. Not sure which one to visit first? Then trust our selection. It’s based on the astrological elements! We bet you'll be in your element!

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Fire signs: Warm-blooded creatures full of self-confidence and joie de vivre. Idealistic and sometimes naive. They are driven by fiery and spontaneous energy. Fire types are spiritual and romantic. Their intuition allows them to look beyond the form. They cannot tolerate routine and hate it when their freedom is constrained.

Museum van het Kapitalisme / Musée du capitalisme

To them, travelling around the world is the ultimate pleasure. This may be difficult at the moment, but they can already take a peek at ways of improving the world. They can do so thanks to See U where the traveling Museum of Capitalism is paying a visit! Mounted by a committed collective of people in their twenties and thirties, this interactive, playful exhibition gives a clear explanation of how capitalism works. An itinerary through 250m² of sound and image fragments, playful elements and objects from everyday life reveals the origins of our economic system. We are all part of the solution!

Museum of Capitalism, See U

Until 14 March

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« Sousvenirs » série - résines et verres - 2019, détail © Céline Cuvelier

Why do we travel? Now that we’re better off staying at home, we have time to pause to reflect on what drives us when we once again plan a trip. What images induce our fantasies of foreign climbs? Why do we think that overseas El Dorados will fill our emptiness? Where do mass tourism and present-day migration intersect? Why do find it necessary to embellish our holiday snapshots with filters and bring back masses of souvenirs? With Jetlag Dream, Céline Cuvelier creates a space for dialogue and reflection in the Botanique's gallery.

Céline Cuvelier - Jetlag Dream, Botanique

19 February to 21 March

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Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Water signs: Sensitive, kind and caring creatures. They follow their feelings and are intuitive and empathetic. They often feel things that are beyond reason, so they're not interested in logical connections. Water people are very emotional. That is why they often adopt a wait-and-see attitude and do not readily show their feelings, out of self-preservation.

Coll. Fondation Roi Baudouin, © Casterman/Max Comes mandataire

Empathetic water signs will be completely absorbed by the intriguing world of Didier Comès, one of Belgium's leading comic strip creators. The 'master of silences' resolutely opts for wordless graphic novels in black and white. Thanks to the King Baudouin Foundation (which manages his artistic legacy), his work can be seen at both the BELvue Museum and Autrique House. 'The village idiot of Schoonvergeten' ('Silence'), about a deaf-mute man who is exploited by landowners, is his best-known work. In it he denounces all forms of rejection, exclusion and violence. The BELvue is also exhibiting original illustrations of Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt, co-defender of the 'silent' comic strip and a close friend of Comès. In the Autrique house you can (re)discover 'Eva', an ode to the mysteries of the human soul.

Comès, Of Shadow and Silence, BELvue Museum

Until 28 February

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Comès Behind Closed Doors, Autrique House

Until 2 May

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Bill Viola | Purification Bill Viola, "Purification" (2005) | © Kira Perov

With 'Purification', video art pioneer Bill Viola makes no secret of his admiration for the great masters of the past. In this double projection, a couple surrenders to a ritual of purification by the water. In the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, spend some forty minutes immersed (almost literally) in a meditative, mystical world and experience the rebirth of these two people up close. Surrender to the hypnotic images of the both gently rippling and wildly roaring water. As a water sign, you’ll feel right at home in this liquid environment.


Bill Viola, Purification. Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Until 1 August

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Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air signs are good at communication. They are sociable and enjoy having people around them. But above all they value their freedom and independence. This makes them reluctant to become attached. They are light and agile, like the wind! These curious people have a lot of interests and are quick-witted.

ADAM - Brussels Design Museum - Standing Stones - photo_LD_028

Spontaneous, flexible air signs will no doubt be delighted by 'Standing Stones' at the Design Museum Brussels.  With inflatable figures made of biodegradable acrylic, Greek duo Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis reinterpret forms and figures from the Bronze Age. In a dream-like space, mirrors create an imaginary pond. Ideal for reflecting on the relationships between transparency and opacity, softness and roughness and the temporary and the eternal.

Standing Stones, Design Museum Brussels

Until 21 February

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(c) Felix Luque Sánche - Verisimilitude - MIMA

The latest exhibition at the MIMA - Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art shows how the near future is frighteningly close. It gives you an idea of what machines can do. Felix Luque Sánchez investigates the relationship between humanity and technology. With his installations he creates stories that blend fiction with reality. Are you curious about the place of mechatronic sculptures, generative soundscapes, live data feeds and algorithmic processes in contemporary art? Go and take a look and stimulate your field of interest and intellectual needs!

Felix Luque Sánchez - Verisimilitude, MIMA

31 January to 30 May

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Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs... have both feet firmly on the ground. They don't allow themselves to be easily distracted. And they can be stubborn! Earth signs are attached to their own habits and are not very keen on change. These stable, reliable people have a wait-and-see attitude and are patient. They are realistic, determined and sensory.

Jan van Eyck, Detail - The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin, c. 1430-34, Musée du Louvre. Foto: KIK-IRPA, Brussels.

With 'Facing Van Eyck' at BOZAR they can indulge themselves to the full. The oeuvre of one of the best known Flemish Primitives is a total sensory experience. Thanks to pioneering digital techniques and new scientific research, some 20 works by the great master reveal their secrets. Zoom in on landscapes, architecture, textiles, human figures and everyday objects. The music of Benjamin Glorieux (composed especially for this exhibition) and a richly documented film about Van Eyck's Byzantine models complete the experience.

Facing Van Eyck, BOZAR

Due to the fire reopening on 28 January, until 14 February

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(c) Benoît Van Innis – Instant LightE- dificio

You probably know the work of artist Benoît van Innis from the Maelbeek metro station. There you find his typical, gaunt faces on a tiled wall. In his Brussels studio, he encountered  the concept of 'lockdown' for the first time in March last year. Instinctively, he made a first drawing which he shared with his followers via social networks. And he continued to do this in the days that followed. One drawing a day to escape the anxiety-inducing current affairs. In 'Instant Light', earth-sign creatures of habit can see the result for the first time. The unique setting of the Solvay Library contrasts with the deceptive simplicity of the 96 drawings. A reflection of the moments of social deprivation we have all experienced.

Benoît Van Innis - Instant Light, Galerie Triforium (Solvay Library)

11 February to 4 April

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