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Even though the doors are closed, Brussels' performing arts scene is still going strong: the offer is still alive and kicking, and it's coming to you! Theatre, opera, dance and even podcasts, Sit back and relax in your comfiest armchair and let yourself be taken on a virtual tour of the performing arts!

published on 27/03/2020

Creative quarantine 

For artists, isolation and confinement are opportunities to get the creative juices flowing: comedians, dancers and choreographers from Brussels and all over Belgium are finding inventive ways to turn this strange situation we find ourselves in to their advantage.

The internet is bursting with fascinating initiatives, all using the hashtag #quarantinecontent. In the musical performance category, the award for originality goes to Ivo Dimchev, former resident at the Kaaitheater, for his song “Corona Kush Kush. Accompanied by a colourful pop video, the song gives us energy, like a breath of fresh air.

A genuine antidote for boredom, Bruzz’s new segment “Artists in quarantine regularly profiles an artist. Next to be profiled is Frank Chartier, dancer, choreographer and co-founder of dance company Peeping Tom, who will discuss his universe and talk about his upcoming projects! Bruzz has also concocted a special “Coronavirus” programme on its TV channel BRUZZ TV where you’ll find, among other wonders, productions of the defiant Brussels Volkstejoêter[NL]

We are also counting on Kings of Comedy Club to prepare delicious slices of humour to brighten up our days. This band of joyful jokers teams up every evening at 20:00 on their Facebook page to bring us their “Lockdown Daily News”.  This fun and wacky news programme invites us to take a more relaxed look at the news!  [FR]

A chair and a bit of good will are all you need to learn Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's playful “Rosas danst Rosas”. The dancer offers a tutorial on Instagram to help you learn her famous choreography at home! [EN]

La compagnie qui pétille has created a daily, 5 minute long exercise in escapism on Facebook.

Each day, a literary or theatrical text is highlighted during a live reading. The words of, among others, Annie Ernaux, Tennessee Williams or Jean Genet come to life for a delicious moment. Through their remarks and comments, Internet users choose the tone and mood of the reading… [FR]

Culture Quarantaine gathers together all of the cultural sector’s initiatives, and #CultureTogether invites us  to (re)discover the richness of culture from our homes!

An audiovisual catch up session

At home there may be no red curtains, but you can still feel the magic of the stage. Not to mention the fact that you now have plenty of time to devour all the genres: opera, dance, theatre, sound creations... to the delight of your eyes and ears!

Take a voyage through time and space thanks to the online selection of famous Brussels theatre La Monnaie : From Russian confinement in The Tale of Tsar Saltan, to a futuristic staging of Frankenstein; and from Verdi’s Italy to Macbeth’s medieval Scotland, treat yourself to a welcome change of scenery! [EN] [FR] [NL]

Need more opera in your life? Unknown, I Live With You” explores the boundaries between art genres. The result is a unique immersive format that blends opera, dance, a string quartet and electro music. Created with the collective The Airport Society  and Katarzyna Glowickathis extraordinary opera was performed at Les Brigittines during the Nuits Blanches. [EN]

AUVIO is also putting on a show with its selection of 20 shows that are “made in Belgium”. Among them, a wide range of Brussels productions from the Théâtre du Parc, Centre Culturel Jacques Frank, Théâtre Varia, Brocoli Théâtre, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Théâtre le Public and the KVS. The catalogue will be added to in the coming weeks and we can’t wait! [FR]

On Facebook, the KVS takes you on an epic journey with its video adaptation of the Odyssee. Every day, this choral performance of more than 25 singers, offers a brand-new interpretation of Homer’s work. [NL]

Théâtre National brings you “ABSTRKT - work in progress”, a dance piece from dance company No Way Back / Milan Emmanuel created for Festival XS. After that, why not choose from the 12 free performances by company Artara - Fabrice Murgia, who are currently residents at Théâtre National. We can't help but be swept away by "Sylvia", a sensitive and singular portrait of the poet Sylvia Plath, or by the poignant story of the "Chagrin des ogres" (Sorrow of the Ogres), told by two children who suddenly enter adolescence. [FR] [EN]

Music to your ears

Agenda has picked out a selection of conferences, podcasts and musical programmes for you to listen to without moderation. Even if our doors and those of Brussels’ cultural institutions are temporarily closed, we're keeping our minds wide open!

Kaaitheater is broadcasting a whole series of fascinating lectures, such as those given last February by feminist academic Sara Ahmed or by the very committed Minna Salami as part of the WOWmen festival! [EN]

As for podcasts, with Brussels you’re spoilt for choice. Sit back and listen to the “Climat et civilisations, une histoire planétaire” (Climate and civilisations, a planetary history) talk that scientific journalist Laurent Testot gave at the Brigittines on 5 March (available on the Radio Panik website). [FR]

The programme of the Brussels Podcast Festival is full of little nuggets recorded in Brussels: Listening to podcast n° 84 of the Bouffons programme, which features Matonge and Congolese cuisine, will get your mouth watering, and we can’t stop laughing with Fanny Ruwet and her guest on Les gens qui doutent” (Those who doubt).   [FR]

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts invites you to meet Hildegard von Bingen in 4 audio episodes from the 2019 edition . It's a welcome change of scenery as you dive into medieval music! [FR]