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It’s time for dance: our selection of shows this autumn

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(c) Screws-Bart-Grietens
Published at 08/09/2020
By Charline Cauchie

To boost the cultural season, the editorial team has selected a series of dance shows and performances that showcase the body in motion. Whether it's a lively choreography, modern performances or engaging shows, here is an overview of what's on in Brussels and will get you moving again after the holidays!

Alexander Vantournhout « Screws » - Het TheaterFestival

Screws (c) Bart Grietens - Screws (c) Bart Grietens

A combination of circus, dance, magic and gymnastics, "Screws" by Alexander Vantournhout is very difficult to classify. But that doesn't matter, it's the beauty of the performance as a whole that counts. And this beauty is born from the intertwining of the arms and legs whose rhythm triggers synchronicity. The performers trust each other and have fun denying gravity. And it works! The result is a magnificent moment of cheerful, positive mischief.



From 12 to 13/09/2020 — 17:00 / 13/09/2020 — 15:00

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Detours Festival - Bruegel Cultural Centre

detours festival Bruxelles - (c) Detours festival

Between the opening of the festival on Wednesday 23 September at the Bruegel Cultural Centre and the final evening at La Raffinerie three days later, discover a wide and exciting range of hip-hop, contemporary dance and circus at the Detours festival. For more than ten years, the event has been held in the heart of Brussels. Whether in the streets or on stage, Detours manages to reach a much wider audience than the stereotypical representations we usually see of hip-hop dance. Come to the Bruegel Cultural Centre from 18:00 on 23 September and see the first battle for yourself. One of the festival's flagship activities, the battle features professional dancers with music from the Le Georges collective. A jury of professionals will judge the participants on their improvisation and mastery.



From 23 to 26/09/2020 — from 18:00

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Bahar Temiz « ICE » - KVS

ICE (c) Paul McGee

"ICE", from 8 to 10 October at the KVS, is a dance performance in which choreographer Bahar Temiz creates ephemeral sculptures by pulling long, heavy ropes. From these simple gestures is born an intensity and, somewhat paradoxically, a lightness. The weight of the rope is removed, leaving room for the dancer's movement. Bahar Temiz was born in Istanbul, but left for her studies. "ICE" is her second solo performance, the first one she has created herself, which make these three dates very rare occasions. 



From 08 to 10/10/2020 — 20:30 / 10/10/2020 — 16:30

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Buren, « Blue Skies Forever » - Kaaitheater

Buren (c) Joeri Thiry - Buren (c) Joeri Thiry

"Blue Skies Forever" was the first performance by Brussels collective buren and was created in 2018. Since then, others have emerged such as "Spare Time", which will also be presented during the 2020-2021 season at the Kaaitheater. What both performances have in common is that they show accomplished, committed artists who are masters of the art of subversion. In "Blue Skies Forever", Melissa Mabesoone and Oshin Albrecht criticise the neo-liberal representation and objectification of the female body. Their starting point? Beyoncé's 2016 clip Hold Up, which is inspired by, and pays homage to, "Ever Is Over All" - a famous 1997 video by Pipilotti Rist in which a young woman walks along a pavement. The long flower she holds in her hand is used to smash the windows of the cars parked in her path. It's an explosion of clichés.



15/10/2020 — 20:30

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Sarah Vanhee, « We Are Before » - La Raffinerie

We Are Before (c) Sarah Vanhee - We Are Before (c) Sarah Vanhee

Sarah Vanhee is a prominent Belgian artist. Her performance "We Are Before" that she will present on 26 November at La Raffinerie (which recently launched a solidarity fund for dancers and choreographers impacted by the ongoing health crisis) in partnership with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, is the result of several years of work. Between the artist, the content of the project and the two structures that accompany it, we have here a fourfold guarantee of quality and upheaval. We discovered her at the 2013 Kunstenfestivaldesarts at the Wiels in Forest where she had designed a route for the public to discover the personal works of the inhabitants and their intimacy. It was full of emotion and authenticity. These qualities are also present in "We Are Before": the body that imposes itself where you don't expect it. For years, she has been crashing meetings that she was not invited to, to talk about the big issues that should worry us all. She will be in Brussels to tell the story of this guerrilla warfare and to question the place of expression and speech in our society. Do not miss it under any circumstances.


26/11/2020 —19:00

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Estelle Delcambre, « Marée Haute » - Brigittines

Maree Haute (c) Estelle Delcambre - Maree Haute (c) Estelle Delcambre

Originally scheduled for March, "Marée Haute" will finally be unveiled on 26, 27 and 28 November in the Mezzo, one of the Brigittines' beautiful spaces. Estelle Delcambre's choreography is that of a body that is gradually drowning. Here, it's not water that suffocates, it's discomfort. The gestures are sober, the dancer's body bends and twists, giving itself the possibility of rebirth in the midst of the chaos. This is the kind of rebirth that we want for ourselves, one that helps us to understand our place on earth.



From 26 to 28/11/2020 — 19:30

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