Exhibitions for young and old during the Christmas holidays

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Antartica @ Museum of Natural Sciences
Published at 18/12/2020
By Carmen

Museums are not boring at all! Now that it's getting darker faster, and colder outside, there's nothing more adventurous than exploring a fascinating exhibition. The educational services of the museums of Brussels do a lot of pioneering work in developing innovative, interactive activities that stimulate curiosity and an adventurous spirit. And it is not uncommon for adults to be furiously enthusiastic too!

Our selection takes you on a mysterious black train that races to vast ice fields, where dinosaurs and chocolate sculptures reign. Where a gaming Kid saves you from the cold thanks to the things he learned in a computer games museum. And where you finally end up safely in the place where you can admire nativity scenes from all over the world...

The PaleoLab and Antarctica, Museum of Natural Sciences

PaleoLab @ Museum of Natural Sciences

Young (and not so young) adventurers who love fossils, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals will enjoy themselves in the PaleoLab of the Museum of Natural Sciences. During this activity for kids aged five to twelve, you will follow in the footsteps of a palaeontologist, a geologist or an anthropologist, accompanied by your favourite adult. In the unique discovery room in the Dinosaur Gallery, you can take part in excavations, discover fossils and uncover a skeleton. Or would you rather put together a life-size stegosaurus (wait, is that beast nine metres long?!)? Now that you're here, you can also go on an expedition to Antarctica with the interactive exhibition of the same name. Dive into the ice-cold water and swim with the seals, or skate the vast ice fields with the penguins. Winter fun is guaranteed!

The workshops are organized during school holidays.

Exhibition until 03.01.2021

Midam - The journey of a Kid from Brussels, Comic Strip Museum

Midam @ Comic Strip Museum

Perhaps you know the Brussels author Michel Ledent under his pseudonym Midam. In his comics about the gaming boy Kid Paddle and his virtual avatar in the Game Over series, he resolutely sides with the child. With his running gags, this original author succeeds in making you laugh time and time again. The exhibition at the Comic Strip Museum looks back on more than twenty years of creation and gives him the floor. With the 'The journey of a Kid from Brussels' you (re)discover his well-humoured world full of clever humour, little monsters, and amazing onomatopoeia!

Until 28.08.2021

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Pre-opening Pixel Museum Brussels

Pixel Museum

The latest, oh so coveted PlayStation didn't make it under your Christmas tree? Then you can still go to the brand-new Pixel Museum in the customs building on the site of Tour & Taxis until December 31st! The collection moves to its final destination in the Sheds at the beginning of 2021. The very first game console, Magnavox's Odyssey, was launched almost half a century ago. In the meantime, we are on the 9th generation of game consoles, so it's not surprising that Brussels opens a museum dedicated to video games. Who doesn't remember the Atari 2600, with the legendary games Pac-man and Space Invaders or the more recent Mario and Donkey Kong? Many games with at least as many stories, which blur the boundaries between young and old in a heartwarming manner.

Until 31.12.2020, afterwards in the Sheds

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Choco Loco, Train World

Choco Loco - Train World

What do the railways, comic strips and Belgian chocolate have to do with each other? You will discover that in this exhibition! For the occasion, François Schuiten designed some twenty unique chocolate sculptures that are in no way inferior to the mighty Train World locomotives.

With the famous Belgian chocolatiers Pierre Marcolini and Dominique Persoone as godfathers of the exhibition, you'll definitely get the chance to taste a delicious piece of chocolate. During the Christmas vacation, kids aged eight to twelve can spend three days immersed in a centuries-old story featuring the gods of the Mayans in South America, a jet-black train and a rare cocoa bean. And tons of chocolate of course!

Until 21.02.2021

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20 nativity scenes in the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula

The magic of Christmas remains unsurpassed during the international exhibition of some twenty nativity scenes in the impressive Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula. As is customary every year, you can visit them every day free of charge until just after New Year's. The fairytale, exotic cribs are created by various communities living in Brussels. They guarantee twinkling eyes and many 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' from young and old. This year you can discover the creations of the Congolese, Brazilian, Spanish-speaking, Japanese, Polish and Ukrainian communities, amongst others.

Until 03.01.2021

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