The Cauchie House


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One of the most beautiful examples of Brussels Art Deco, and more specifically so called sgraffito and façade paintings, is the Cauchie House. The façade, architecture and interior of this building make it well worth a visit. Be advised, however, that it’s necessary to book your visit in advance. Paul Cauchie, the building’s original owner was, along with his wife Lina, a proponent of the decorative arts and painting, more specifically the creation of wall paintings, based on a centuries-old technique. Most similar houses in Brussels were also done by Cauchie and his wife. Nevertheless, an architect rather than a decorator, Cauchie built his own home, which was completed in 1905. The whole of the building’s façade is stunningly adorned with intricate decorations and acted as a shop window for the couple’s art business. Cauchie’s decoration of his own home served as a confirmation of the couple’s specialisation. The house’s façade is split by three doors: the middle one takes you down to the basement, the right-hand one leads to the reception rooms and the third is purely decorative. The inside of the house is equally beautifully decorated with numerous sgraffiti. It’s worth mentioning that the building materials used were not always of the best quality: the 30 year old architect was not yet an established name and therefore didn’t quite have the funds. The building was almost demolished in 1971 to make way for a new build, but strong protest eventually saw the house saved and listed as a protected monument in 1975.

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