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Gallery and shop Brüsel Anspach

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Founded in 1994 by Frédéric Ronsse and Reynold Leclercq, the Brüsel bookshop and its stainless steel structure unearthed from the “Cités Obscures” (Obscure Cities) has, for nearly 20 years, been part of the life of all comic strip fans living in or familiar with Brussels. And it can pride itself on having become the comic strip reference point of the comic strip capital. Set up in an old grocery shop and a fin-de-siècle building in the area around la Bourse (the Stock Exchange), Brüsel has followed and often led the development and the transformations of the 9th Art. The bookshop that used to offer the best of the 500 annual issues on a surface area of 60 m², now champions the cream of more than 5000 publications a year on 300 m² and a stock of 20,000 titles. From the start, the bookshop was divided into an exhibition and sales gallery, becoming a new leader in “para-comic strip”: exhibitions, sales, originals, silk-screen prints, posters, framing, figurines, production of ex-libris and of exclusive editions.

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