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An elegant building dating back to the 15th century, the City of Brussels Town Hall is located in the heart of the historical centre, on the sumptuous Grand-Place. Often considered to be the centrepiece of the most beautiful square in the world, it is undoubtedly one of the most stunning buildings in Belgium and definitely one of the unmissable highlights of your stay in Brussels. Its splendid tower stands as a landmark both for day-trippers and Belgians passing through the centre of the capital. A feast for the eyes Particularly imposing due to its size, its remarkable sculpted decorations and its asymmetrical facade, it quickly catches the eye. Walking in front of this prestigious building, you might spot newlyweds celebrating their union on the balconies. The Town Hall's interior is also well worth a visit. It attracts the curiosity of those who want to know more about the layout and arrangement of the different rooms of this architectural masterpiece. Guided tours of the City of Brussels Town Hall are regularly organised and let you discover the richness of this interior which never fails to dazzle its visitors. The evolution of a unique building Its construction was spread out over a long period of time and is the work of several architects. Originally, the building had only a belfry and the left part of the building has remained the same until today. The belfry, on the other hand, was quickly replaced by the current tower when the houses of the various trade guilds moved into the square. An additional wing was also added on the right to better incorporate these buildings into this exceptional setting. At the top of the new tower, more than 90m high, the spire is crowned with the Archangel Saint-Michel, the patron saint of the City of Brussels. This gilded copper statue is actually used as a weather vane. If the winds blow the right way, you can admire the city's hero as he defeats the dragon! This jewel of Brussels' architectural heritage currently houses the Tourist Office.

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