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Choco-Story Brussels


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An interactive and greedy travel at the Choco Story Brussels Museum. Take a dive in the universe of cocoa and chocolate, pass a Maya temple where cocoa beans have been consumed 5000 years ago, step aboard the boat of Cortez who imported the cocoa beans in Europe; discover how chocolate was being used at the French Court in the 17th Century and afterwards how the “praline” was crafted beginning of the 20th Century in Belgium. The cocoa culture and its transformation won’t have any secrets left for you. Demonstration, tasting and audio guide are included in the visit.

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Maandag van 10:00 tot 17:00
Dinsdag van 10:00 tot 17:00
Woensdag van 10:00 tot 17:00
Donderdag van 10:00 tot 17:00
Vrijdag van 10:00 tot 17:00
Zaterdag van 10:00 tot 17:00
Zondag van 10:00 tot 17:00

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33 48 95


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